Thursday, October 21, 2010


The Hunger Games book first made its noise in 2008 with the release of the first of its intended 3-part book series. The first book was aptly titled " Hunger Games". The book treated us a to good mix of reality TV with some of the most mind-boggling twists and plots one could ever imagine and then the world got hooked.

Following this release, author Suzanne Collins treated us with "Catching Fire" in 2009. For me, the book was not as amusing as the first one but still it leaves a feeling of wanting to read more. What will happen to Katness and Peeta? Are the conflicts gonna stop or what? It sure left all of us into questions.

And so fans all over the world were happy when last August 2010, "Mockingjay" was finally published. And after reading this one here's what I could say. The violence and drama was sure upped by an ante. What I love about Suzanne Collin's work in "Mockingjay" is that she gave more focus on her characters - showing more intricate and complex personalities. The violence and drama that was present in the 2 previous books are also there and even more. What to note however is that unlike other book series where you can read one book stand-alone, I suggest not to do so in "Mockingjay". You might be lost in this world but overall this one's a good read.

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