Monday, October 4, 2010


Two weeks back, Sesame Street became a big internt topic search. Why? Because one episode that was supposed to feature Katy Perry singing with Elmo was dropped off the program. The cancellation of the airing was due to some complains from "concerned" parents that Katy's clothes were way too revealing and it's not appropriate for kids to see.

What? Up then and there, I searched youtube for the video and saw the whole clip. There's nothing wrong with the vid. Katy is even wearing a skin tone top to cover her cleavages from actually being seen. Plus for me kids won't even notice her boobs. Why? The song is catchy enough and the colors of the video are so nice that these would be their focus. Plus Elmo was just so all around the place in the video and it is him that children will really notice.

I don't know what'w wrong with some of those who complained. But since we're not gonna see this on Sesame Street, mind as well take a look on this clip.


Photo Credits: Sesame

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