Friday, November 12, 2010


I like the fast pace of life in general. I usually find idle time boring and uncalled for. Being on the go and making myself available on any activity is usually my cup of tea. But recently I have come to a point where I actually don't know what to do anymore. Bummer... Wow, I never thought it would occur to me ever.

So I stopped, paused and let everything in motion take a break. I felt the warmth of the sun touching my skin. I heaved a nice breath and smelled the things around me. Ijust sat down and took a break. With eyes wide shut, all I did was rest. I have never expected it to be this nice. I never thought taking a breather is all the worthwhile. I couldn't believe not doing anything is surreal.

After that, it seemed as if my mind cleared a bit. Then I opened my eyes and stared at the beauty around me. Life is indeed wonderful and I am lucky to be given this gift. Now, the pause is over. Time to make and experience more things. Time to continue loving, sharing, living and smiling. Thanks for the momentary stop.

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