Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Last Friday marked the finale of one of the soaps that has been a favorite of the Filipinos for primetime viewing. Aside from topping the ratings in Metro Manila on its last episode, it has drawn a lot of praises from critics and fans as well.

From the get go, Magkaribal promised to bring us a new dimension in being the first fashion-serye in television. But aside from that feat, it boasts of a robust story and well acted pieces from its stars. The story is the usual Filipino one where two sisters are separated from each other and then meeting along the way not knowing of their true identities. In the end they will reunite and makes this an endearing story. But is was just not that for Magkaribal. It carries itself with a lot of heart and passion.

We will never forget the characters of Vera, Victoria and Gelai (Angela) and the fiery confrontation scenes between them. One thing to not forget as well is the level of talent showcased in the show featuring the works of well known designers in the metro. Truly forgiveness is the most glorifying act we can do in our lives.

Magkaribal ended on a high note. and has left some good words we can always live by. Here are some of which that can rea;;y guide us with our lives. These are excerpts of the last few lines of the show.

"Dahil hindi natin kayang gawing ang lahat, natututo tayong gawin ang kaya lang natin...
Ang magtagpi tagpi, magtastas at magtahi, ang magpunit at magbuo muli
Ngunit ang mga ito ay bahagi lang ng iisang disenyo, na higit sa kahit anong kaya natin likhain…
The best thing about life is that after everything that has happened..
Life never stops, it may seem to pose for a while, but it certainly goes on.
It continues for everyone, for lovers, for sinners alike. We all have different paths to take, different stories to tell
Pero ang lahat ng mga kwento, ito’y galing sa puso , nakaugat sa pagmamahal.
Love that has erased all the pain and anger
Love that wipes away all the tears, and the very same love that bounds
Magkapatid na nangarap, lumaban at ngayon ay umaapaw ang pasasalamat..."

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