Friday, November 5, 2010


On a day filled with a bunch of fashion shows, another brand that has made it into my top list is Penshoppe. The lines were not as heavy as the ones from F&H but still quite a lot of people joined the show. And bummer since I came late with my friend, it's my first time to actually stand on a PFW show. I only got tickets from Facebook so no special treatment. =)

Photo by Michael Franks Photography

Photo by Michael Franks Photography
Photo by Michael Franks Photography
The show has promised to wow audiences. And one by one as the models came out, I was indeed put into smiles. I love how Penshoppe played with purple/violet and how it can completely blend with gray, black and white. I can also not forget the towering hairs of the female models. Whoah! Those are high hairs! Another thing I like about is the backdraft of the show - somehow showing an effect that models are going out on a ramp with cilk like material on the floow. Good execution, great visuals. The set was great and would definitely love to check on the nearest Penshoppe boutiques to see the latest designs. Though star presence is not much - no KC Thadani, Victor Basa, Akihiro Sato or Solenn, the show pretty much lived up to its billing.

Here's a pic of me and my friend while waiting on line for the show. Ciao!

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