Saturday, November 6, 2010


It has been a very good 6 days of Philippine Fashion. A lot of designers and models were showcased on the said event. It was a great 2nd show for 2010 after the Holiday 2010 show last May. There were highs and there were also some lows on the said event. It is nice to take a peek on all the things that has happened in the 6 days - which worked and which did not. I'll be making a separate post on the top male and female models of the PFW. Also, watch out for more individual features on the designers of the Axe Men's Wear Collection.

Photo Michael Franks Photography
What's Hot?
1. Men's Wear - Fold-up pants/shorts and Laced shoes or slippers
2. Rajo Laurel and Kate Torralba's Show - Fun, fun, fun
3. Axe Men's Wear - good look at some of the young designers
4. Ipanema Resort Wear - sexy and happy
5. F&H Fashion Show - hot, hot, hot
6. Design Fusion/Vision and Trends - interesting and out of the box

What's Not so Hot?
1. Long lines and late start of F&H show - could have done better
2. Shows locations are sometimes too far away. One hour you're in the Main Atrium and the other back on the SMX. Quite tiring.
3. Absence of some big brands - Bench, Human, Kashieca (it was still great despite their absence though)
4. Pond's presents Gold - I expect something more, a tad short
5. Oxygen - I don't know but based on pics I saw, there's something missing

But overall, the PFW S/S Collection 2011 is a huge success. A lot of people have flocked this time around meaning Filipinos are now more aware of Fashion Shows in the Philippines. Thumbs up for the guys behind the PFW. That was surely a wonderful week of style, glamour and fun. I gave them 90/100.

Aside from that here's a brief look on what I word during the 6 days. I actually intended to watch 3 of the 6 days on hand but tickets just came by and so I grabbed the opportunity and it was all worth it. Day 1 - Shirt by Bench, Pants by Zara, Shoes by Lacoste, Bag by Adidas. Day 2 - Shirt by Gap, Pants by Guess, Shoes by Adidas, Bag by Merger. Day 3 - Shirt by F&H, Pants by Guess, Shoes by Kickers, Bag by Merger. Day 4 - Jacket and Shirt by Oxygen, Pants by Bench, Shoes by Lacoste. Day 5 - Shirt by Pull & Bear, Pants by Giordano, Shoes by Kickers. Day 6 - Shirt by Diego, Pants by Celio, Shoes by Adidas. Not much. I'll promise I'll have better pictures next time and I'll really prepare for my wardrobe. Still comfy and nice.

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