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I have travelled several countries and places in Asia and I might say I loved every moment of it. But of course, there are some places which left a big mark in my heart. I have enlisted my Top 10 Asian destinations, landmarks and places of public interest of which I truly loved and would love to return over and over again. (excluding places from Philippines)

 1. Disneyland, Hongkong
- If we are talking of theme parks and recreations, top on the list would have to be HK Disneyland. It is mesmerizing, wonderful and fun. Disneyland lets you bring out the inner child in you. I never thought I would enjoy it by much but the colors and sounds of Disneyland really captivated me. I ride almost everything in there including those kiddie rides. What I enjoyed the most is the "Space Mountain" ride. Also notable on the list are "It's A Small World", "Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters", "Jungle River Cruise" and "Philharmagic". A great thing to cap it off is the fireworks display at the evening.

2. Universal Studios, Singapore
- New into the theme park market, USS has grabbed a big share of the clients in Asia competing with HK's Dinseyland. Too bad Battlestar Galactica was still closed when I visited there. But even with that all the rest of the rides were truly amazing but I might say shorter in terms of time in compared to Disneyland's times. The best that I have experienced is "The Revenge of the Mummy" whidh is an indoor rollercoaster - creepy but nice. And I could not forget that I went home with wet shirt and pants as I went out soaked riding "Jurassic Park Rapids".

3. Ocean Park, Hongkong
- Another theme park in Hongkong that truly made me all smiles is Ocean Park. This is more suited to the teens, adolescents and older people but nevertheless kids would still enjoy it. Most of the rides are more fit for adults than children. What is enjoyable here is the cable car ride or as they call it the gondola lift system. I was so thrilled having to experience it the first time. And I also got wet riding the "Raging River".

4. St. Paul's Church, Macau
- I enjoyed and marveled at the great architecture of this church in Macau. The picturesque features that bodes well with the stairs connecting it is a wonder and marvel to see.

5. Sentosa Island, Singapore
- The original Sentosa Island attractions (minus Universal Studios) was one of the place freaquently visited in Singapore. Travelling from Vivo City Mall through the Sentosa Express, one would be treated to see the much bigger version of the Merlion. Fun things to do here include the "Skyride" and "Tiger Sky Tower". But the best of them all is the "Sentosa Luge" which I loved. Even if with Universal Studios already established, Sentosa Island stil holds its own and continues to pack some visitors from different parts of the globe.

6. Genting Highlands, Malaysia
- Malaysia's prime them park boasts a combination of all the theme parks (Disneyland, Universal Studios, etc..). What sets it apart is the location which is located in the mountain peaks of Genting, Malaysia. Riding the rollercoaster sure makes you shiver not just because of the height but also because of the very cold weather. The best ride for me is their extreme rollercoaster: "Corkscrew". Plus I enjoyed their "Snow World" as well.

7. Maya Bay, Phuket, Thailand
- This is a wonder to watch, The clean waters and the nice amazon like background. Truly this is a nice place/spot to marvel the beauty of nature and beaches. And did I forgot to tell that this is the location of Leonardo Dicaprio's "The Beach"?

8. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
- All I could say was "wow". For me to see the structure up close and personal was really breathtaking. It's nice to visit this as you can see the rich heritage and culture of Cambodia. I thought I would only see its replica (located in the Great Palace in Thailand) but thank God I was able to marvel at this wonderful temple.

9. Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia
- One of the more famous beaches in Bali is Kutra Beach. Known to be the most crowded of all beaches, it is home to surfers that come from all over the world. The nice people, the great sand and the mix of entertainment around is truly exciting. Too many hot bodies around as well to feed your eyes.

10. Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- When I went to Malaysia, one thing that was set into my mind is to visit the Petronas Towers. The tall towers majestically standing in the hearts of Kuala Lumpur is truly one of the greater architectural structures in Asia. And how could I forget that I had a hard time capturing the tower in its entirety while making sure I'm still in the picture. Whew!

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