Tuesday, August 3, 2010


With the rehashed X-men movie coming to theaters in 2011, fans are asking from which comic book will the new film be based on. It will actually be based on the comics of the same title, X-Men : First Class. Your favorite heroes will be donning different outfits for this one something resembling the original Uncanny X-men costumes. Not sure however if the movie will employ the same. The original comic was written since 2006 and was only intended as an eight-part series. But eventually it became a hit and spawned spin-offs like Wolverine: First Class and a new volume Uncanny X-Men: First Class. The original line-up of heroes include Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Ice Man, Jean Grey and Professor X. Much later episodes have names such as Dragon Man, Machine Man and Medusa. As for now go grab the comic books and see if the First Class is better than the heroes you have loved from before.

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