Monday, August 23, 2010

Kids Aiding Parental Alienation Awareness Organization (KAPAAO)

Information sharing is one of the goals of me blogging again. Another goal is to serve as a channel for issues and causes to be adressed to the general public. That is one way of getting back to the society - making sure we all live in this world as happy people as we all should be.

KAPAAO (Kids Aiding Parental Alianation Awareness Organization) was created as a place for adult children of alienation to come together, help each other, and also help PAAO in how to be able to help children going through Parental Alienation (PA) now and in the future.

This organization is geared to help and bring out social change. We can't change what has happened from the past. KAPAAO builds from past experiences and through that tries to make sure that incidences of parental alienation be reduced or the effects of such be minimized. Such a wonderful cause that is worthy of noting. Some past child experiences may be cruel and unjust but each day as each one grows is a present opportunity for change.

For more info on KAPAAO, please visit their website at

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