Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yes, you heard it right. While many people say too much office work could actually make you lose weight. Guess what, it's the other way around. No it's not just a myth but a truth. Why is this so?

Too much work oftentimes create a stressful environment. In a world full fo stress, people oftentimes look for stressbusters. One of the best ways to relieve stress is to binge and grab whatever food you could munch on. Add this particular thought - when pressed with deadlines and all, one has no time to stand up his seat therefore resorting to deliveries from fast food chains. We all know, most of the food in fast food chains are rather unhealthy - full of calories, fats, oils, sugar etc.. The idea of a sumptuous oftentimes too much of a meal, somehow releases stress and therefore keeps one working. But that could only last for a while. When stress sinks in again, food may be the answer yet once more. Chocolates, candies, sodas, chips - name it and you have a complete list of food items that are always there and ready to bloat you up.

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