Sunday, August 8, 2010


Just when you thought it ends in the small screen as a reality game show, then you got it wrong. One of the funniest reality shows in TV has made its arrival to the game console. And what better platform but the Nintendo Wii.

Wipeout: The Game stays true to the show's concept where one has to survive the dangers and obstacles of the wipe-out zone. Each player's goal is to reach the end zone and finally be declared the wipeout champion. You'll see familiar obstacles from the TV show such as the Big Balls, Sucker Punch and the ever famous Sweeper. You can customize your character just as other games do - built, body frame, color, gender. Then once done, your character would go through the Wipeout obstacle course. Your goal is to control the balance, direction, and timing or at least try to and attempt to finish the obstacles faster than your opponents. As in the TV series, obstacles are divided into 2 - one you complete by yourself and one where you and the others compete altogether.

For better playing experience, it is recommended that you have at least 4 Wii remotes so you can slug it out with your friends.

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