Monday, August 2, 2010


by Bluecloud

In normal day to day scenario, people go around not necessarily to mingle but juts to do their normal daily activities. During walking or moving from one place to another, people see other individuals. Some of which they notice because of exaggerated appearances (flamboyant clothes, terrifying hairstyles, too fat or too thin) but some because there’s really something in them.

In the wonderful world of gays (bisexuals, ACDCs or whatever you may want to call them), a day to day walking to the office, back at home or anymore can always be adventure. Specifically for single gays out there, it’s always an open opportunity to see other people and explore possibilities. But how do you know, if the person you’re looking at is also of the same color? And the more intriguing question is how will one determine if that person is equally interested in you?

Well, most of the time the answers are quite easy and simple. Gays usually smell their own breed. They know who is and who isn’t. And once they see one, they usually know one. And so they know who belong to their family, but how can one determine if the other party is interested. Well, one great sample is while walking in malls or even in the streets.

Scenario – One gay sees one person he finds nice and who tickles his attention. The other guy looked at him. Does that make the other guy gay as well? Could be but not really. It is normal for people to look at other people on daily activities such as walking and moving around. But you may ask, why did the other party gave attention? Maybe for some reasons – your hair is blown like it was stormy outside, you have a bizarre taste for clothes, you look like his friend and a whole other reasons.

Now let’s move on and go to the next scene. Okay, so the gay took notice of the guy and the guy looked back. But after that, the guy just passed. In that case he’s straight. (80% of the time). 20% of the time it’s either the guy is gay but a.) does not like you or b.) is already committed.

But it becomes different if this happens. The two finally came closer to each other as they walk towards each other. If as they pass each other, they gave even a glance or a brief look to the other person, well the guy may not be a guy after all. =) This means from afar the guy noticed the gay and saw something different or interesting as well. That is the way the other party is returning the favor of being noticed by the other individual. Well, most of the instances do come up to this part. Well, good enough but could be more.

If after completely passing each other, both parties looked back. Then there’s really something to it. They like each other at least on a superficial side of things. What to do on these situations? Simple. Make the move. Approach the other guy and get to know him. Who knows, he just might be the person who’s right for you.

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