Sunday, August 15, 2010


One of the best known and most loved game shows on TV is The Family Feud. With it having a local version in the Philippines as well, it's not unusual for fans to be hooked on the internet version as well. And what a better platform to play it on but with Facebook.

Recent demographics (Source: Inside Social Games) show that it has averaged around 6.8 million users already for August 1 data enough to put it in number 21 0n the list of Top Facebook games It's a no brainer for the how-to of this game. You would find it easy especially if you are a fan of the TV game show.

For Filipinos, the questions can be a tad more difficult since most of the questions were asked on American respondents making the answers more US-based. But that's where the challenge comes. Added to that is the completion of prizes to unlock more games and others. I myself got hooked into it and currently in the Stage 3 of prizes. The biggest challenge for this game may be the fact that questions tend to repeat themselves from time to time. That may cause a problem as when people get bored with same questions, they might stop playing. But while it's still hot, take a try and see how the survey says.

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