Monday, August 2, 2010


So you think you had enough of the ongoing wars between smartphones. Well, wait till you see Samsung Galaxy S. Obscurely designed in a way it almost resembles the Iphone, Samsung generated much buzz when they released this new hottie. Indeed it can go toe to toe with the Apple's big kahuna.

What's in the Galaxy S that woulc convince one to garb it for keeps? It rewrites the book on multi-media immersion. Blasting toward the forefront of its features is its oversized 4.0" SUPER AMOLED display. Truly one will enjoy all the videos in high quality and ever so wonderful clarity. Its 16 GB memory + microSD lets you download nearly unlimited applications for your enjoyment and mobile entertainment. What's more to it is the Galaxy S HD video recorder which lets you capture videos in the highest quality ever. Coupled with a 5.0 megapixel camera and you'll really capture each moment anytime, anywhere. Its music player with Sound Alive lets you enjoy songs and dance to the grooves. Its social hub features which integrates all SNS (Facebook, Twitter and MySpace) is also a catch-on. And who could forget the 1GHz CPU capacity?

So if you're one of those anti-Iphone peeps out there and desperately wants a new smartphone, the Galaxy S is one you should give a try.

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