Thursday, August 5, 2010


Nah, I am not being pessimistic rather I am being realistic. The truth is at any cause, our hearts are bound to be broken and shattered into pieces. We just don’t know when, who and how painful it could be. This is one realization that I have as I continuously experience life and its complexities. You will soon wake up and feel all the care and love from the people you would grow too much emotionally attached with. You will dive into the adventure that spells happiness and all the wonderful emotions you could imagine. Savor each one of them as you won’t know when it’s gonna end. Everything in this world is on a lend so just experience them all and as each day moves on try to be prepared. It pays to get ready for the time will surely come. You’ll just wake up one day that the person you love the most isn’t there anymore. You will open your eyes then just hoped that you have not opened them at all coz you’ll realize that person is not within your sights anymore. It’s painful, but remember at least that there was a time that you became happy. It’s just that those times have also their end dates. If only we can change things but we can’t. It seems that our hearts are created for 2 purposes --- to feel the greatness of love and feel the agony of it being broken…

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