Saturday, August 21, 2010


by Bluecloud

I am nice… I am good… I am a happy person… Oh really?

There are things we thought we know of ourselves but sometimes we really don’t know them yet. Thus the question, “Do I know me?”. We sometimes mistake ourselves from choosing between who we truly are and who we want be. Most often we set our minds that we are these because we don’t want people to look at us differently. We are afraid of being judged and scrutinized. But does that really matter? What’s wrong with being who you really are?

We are all created as unique individuals – different traits, diverse personalities and varying preferences. What we need is to trust in what we really are. Once we have that trust, it will rub to the people around us. If we know that we are living in this world without doing any harm to others, then we should not fret. Being who you are is something that really takes out all barriers. It is freedom and it is a happy feeling.

So go on and release your true being so that when the time comes that you ask if you really know yourself, your answer is gonna be a definite YES.

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