Monday, August 2, 2010


UK's most beloved pop superstar finally returns to the music limelight. Never mind the continuous talks about Kylie Minogue copying Lady Gaga. As far as we know it, before Gaga came Kylie was already a pioneer in outlandish music videos, costumes and props. After a battling year with sickness and failing to really hit it big in the US, Kylie Minogue releases her newest album "Aphrodite". Truly, Kylie is a beauty on her own right. The carrier single on the album is the hot mid-tempo "All The Lovers". The song puts back Kylie to her own element and comfort zone. The video itself is oozing with sensuality and sexuality. She has proven once again that she never fails to impress. Good to note as well that Kylie continues to foster the idea of homosexuality as on one part of the video, two guys were seen smooching. And if that alone can't stir up media buzz, then wait till you see all the bodies of the people in the video. Truly, Kylie has returned and she's showing that she's here to stay for a while.

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