Sunday, August 15, 2010


3D is the current toast of the movie industry. Viewers are often put in awe with every 3D film being released. Moviegoers are immersed into the movie as they feel they are part of the entire picture. What started as a trend solely focused on animations and cartoon, the 3D business has now spawned every single genre in the movies. Who could not forget “Avatar” by James Cameron? And then it did not stop in the action, sci-fi ring. There’s also the upcoming dance flick Step Up 3D. It gives great cinematic experience and a lot of bucks from the producers.

And who would have thought that Philippines is on its way to creating a 3D movie of its own. Yes, you heard it right. Star Cinema which is well known for some of the greatest drama and love story films will be venturing into this project – again another pioneer in the local film industry. The movie is tentatively titled RPG was first introduced in a gaming event way back 2008. The story line is a familiar one: a boy gets immersed and then trapped in the world of massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

The movie is set to be released by Star Cinema this coming Christmas Day as part of their entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. Now that would certainly create long lines in 3D cinemas and IMAX theaters across the nation. Star Cinema has this one rightly scheduled as this is the period where only local films entered in the film fest are released in the metro. The voices that will bring the characters into life include child wonder Zaijian Jaranilla and Aga Muhlach. Can’t wait to see this one and hope it’s another step forward in our local filming industry. For more info about the movie, you may visit their website .

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