Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Perfume is one of the things a man has to carefully choose. May it be for flirting, to be ready for the outdoors, for office or just to feel fresh and clean, it sure is one of the essentials of modern guy living. I have listed down the Top 10 scents I enjoy and continuously crave for.

1. Acqua Pour Homme by Bvlgari
- its scent is vibrant, fresh and energetic. Bvlgari is a good catch as it easily wearable on any occasion. Its aquatic and masculine fragrance bodes well to casual wear and occassions. Aside from the perfume/cologne, there are various products tied to this brand like body wash, lotion and the like.

2. Cool Water by Davidoff
- one of the moreenduring perfumes in the market. Cool Water has been a cult favorite for years already. Davidoff has often marketed Cool Water as the premium perfume on ourdoors. Really fresh scent and keeps your loved ones closer.

3. Element by Hugo Boss
- one of the newer perfume lines from Hugo, Element has made its own mark in the scent industry. Marketed towards the urban traveler, Element truly fills the room with its scent and makes sure it lasts till the end of the day.

4. Acqua Di Gio by Armani
- One of the bestsellers with the yuppies, Armani's fledging perfume makes use of a fresh and sparkling scent. Closely rivaling Cool Water with its fresh ocean breeze concept, Acqua Di Gio is most commonly used during warmer weather as its natural breeze scent is strenthened by the heat from the sun

5. CK One by Calvin Klein
- One of my first perfumes, I have not ceased being a fan eversince. Its scent is both refreshing and light. A common hit to teenagers due to its young feel and scent. CK One continues to impress. Recommended for daytime wear.

6. Man by Hugo Boss
- the pioneer fragrance from Hugo Boss is still one of the best. Despite being in the market for a while, Man continues to draw crowds. A bit masculine and strong by some standards, Man is certainly a good choice for guys who like to have it their way.

7. Air by Kenzo
- i have not heard of Kenzo Air until one of my friends asked me to try it on. Initial impression is ayt. What makes it different is you'll really stand out with Air as only few people wear it making your presence felt in the room with its woody and musky scent.

8. Code by Armani
- Sensual and elegant - that's what Code is. As best exemplified by its black, elegant bottle, Code stayed true to its billing as one of the top fragrances for corporate events. A bit spicy in terms of nature, Armani Code fits those urban guys working in the big biz.

9. Voyage by Nautica
- i personally like ocean breeze fragrances and anothe one that catches my nostrils is Voyage. Nautica's best perfume by my standards is simply refreshing and light. Great for the outdoors.

10. CH MEN by Carolina Herrera
- My very first perfume/cologne. How could I forget. I saved for this one since I really like its smell. Call it anything from between musky to masculine. The smell is tempting and makes heads turn. And who could not forget that bottle?

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