Friday, August 27, 2010


After releasing her latest album Bionic, Christina Aguilera ventures into film this time around. She hits the big screens this time with her debut film, Burlesque. Nah, your naughty might should stop from there. But prepare to see a matured Christina Aguilera in this flick (like you have not enough of “Not Myself Tonight”).

Aguilera’s character is Ali, a small-town girl from Iowa who moves to Los Angeles and is hired as a waitress at an aging burlesque club. Typical plot for a story but what makes it good is a fresh new take on the world of burlesque. Also adding much hype to this movie is music icon Cher who makes her return to the silver screen with this film. She plays the owner of the theater and who was once a burlesque dancer.

Questions still linger if Christina can deliver big time in this movie. It’s for us to find out as Burlesque hits theaters soon.

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