Saturday, August 14, 2010


The past three seasons for American Idol has been emotional, draining and truly a roller-caoster. And Season 10 of Fox's hit reality series is about to provide even more drama. What's next for Idol?

A few seasons back, the world was treated to a fourth judge Kara DioGuardi and all were just plain surprised and some even questioned why. After a full season together, resident judge Paula Abdul called it quits and that left the show with 3 judges again. But wait wait wait. Nah, back to four as Ellen Degeneres vaulted into the show on Season 9. Producers were caught saying that the Ellen move is to bring fun, spunk and different dimension to the show. And even as the season 9 was about to unfold, Simon Cowell already announced he's not to return for Season 10. Just as we thought the drama ends there, we were again wrong. After just a season on the show, Ellen said goodbye citing that giving criticisms and sometimes hurting contestant's feelings along the way is not her thing. Well, I still see that she decided to end her stint since she herself hears a lot of negative comments on her judging Idol.

And so we're back to 2. And at a time when the show's ratings are slowly dwindling down, only original judge Randy Jackson and Kara are gonna be back to the show, save of course for Ryan Seacrest. But we might be treated to something more in the next few days. After all both Jackson and DioGuardi haven't signed in yet for the newest season. And after a season of lackluster talent and declining nationwide interest, the recent developments in Idol could be a two-edged blade. It could either strike back all opposition when it unravels in latest season or it could cut itself and slowly face the ax.

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