Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ice Cream is one of my favorite food for indulgence and I have tasted several brands, shops and types of ice cream. Gelato is making its big boom in the Philippines. Latest to join the foray is Gelatissimo Cafe which has it branch at Glorietta 5, Makati.

Gelatissimo's gelato are really sumptuous, smooth, rich and flavorful. This and the wide array of choices in flavor makes Gelatissimo irresistible. Never mind those diet as they provide gelatos that are low in fat and surely an eye-candy for those figure conscious people.

My personal favorites are American Fudge Brownie where the chocolate flavor really asks for more servings. I also like Brazilian Coffee where the immense taste of the coffee sinks into one's tongue.

There are also several flavors that are worthy to take note of. Most of which I haven't tried yet but some of my friends recommend. Australian Honey & Macadamia, French Creme Brulee and Swiss Toblerone. And don't forget the traditional flavors are still there like Chocolate, Tiramisu, Green Tea and a whole lot more.

C'mon, indulge the sweetness and flavorful taste of Gelatissimo and I'm sure you'll go back for more.

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