Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Gamers, brace yourselves.

After more than a decade, here comes the second installment of the hit Starcraft game. Aptly titled, Wings of Liberty, the new Starcraft finally arrives and sets its wings aflight. Wings of Liberty takes off from where the first game ended. Your job is to lead your troop against the Terran Dominion bad guys. Starcraft 2, like its predecessor remains true to its core concept - a chess-like startegic battle minus the boring chess pieces. You can still choose from the 3 species present on the first Starcraft in fighting against your friends. Staying true to the military sci-fi theme, the 2nd installment adds new features as well to keep gamers glued on their PCs. These include new unit types, new legions and various combat fields to fight at.

While gamers and critics are divided as to the greatness of this game, it's up to you to decide whether this is a winner. As for me, I think the long wait is finally over. If I were you, I won't miss this one.

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