Wednesday, August 11, 2010


In terms of local destinations, Baguio remains one of the sought after tourist spots in the Philippines. Regarded as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio is frequently visited by people due to its good weather. I myself enjoyed it by much. You can walk with your jacket on around the city even during noontime. Bet you can't do that it Metro Manila.

What are the things I won't forget in Baguio. Aside from the weather, I really liked a lot of stuff in Baguio. The intricate architecture of the Baguio Cathedral is a wonder to marvel. It can be seen that the church is maintained really well. There's also the Burnham Park. Despite it losing some of its beauty, it still remains as one of the landmarks of the city. In here, you can rent a boat and take a breather of the nice cool breeze. Lourdes Grotto is also one of the tourist spots here and is a must see for Catholics. More parks to explore includes Mines View Park and Wright Park. If you are into flowers and plants, then the Botanical Gardens is also a must visit. While on the way, don't forget to take a brief break and take a picture or two of The Mansion.
And who could forget food when travelling? I don't. You can get a taste of the best strawberries in town here. Plus get to taste the strawberry flavored taho which really bodes well to my sweet tongue. Also don't fail to grab some ube and delicacies at The Good Shepherd Convent. They are very tasty and at the same time you are helping out to their cause. And while you are at it, better snuggle some vegetables and bring them all the way back to the metro. They have the best cauliflowers, lettuce and brocollis i've ever seen. For good food specially for dinners, try visiting Cafe by the Ruins and you'll be treated with a sumptuous meal you'll surely enjoy.

And just when you thought, Baguio is nothing close to urbanization, then you got it wrong. One should never miss SM Baguio. Its unique structure which was built on a cliff is a one of a kind structure. Plus who needs aircon when your weather is that cold? SM Baguio boasts of an open air concept to allow the natural coldness cover the entire facility.

Baguio is truly a wonder. I'll never tire out visiting such a wonderful place. My most recent visit was my 7th already. Can't wait for my return to Baguio. Till we meet again.

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