Tuesday, August 3, 2010


by Bluecloud

Lately, i have really come to a realization that true love is truly rare. It is one thing that comes one in a gazillion times. It’s not words of pessimism, it is just the dire reality of things. That’s why when you find that one special one don’t ever pass the chance. One single person who loves needs to have the characteristics of many persons. He/She has be as subtle as the wise men are. But being wise isn’t enough. You also need to have the flexibility of a child-its innocence and even the fact of them being fragile. You should have the sensibility of an artist- seeing pictures on other ways than the usual. Try to grab the understanding of the philosopher and you’ll truly see things in bigger perspectives. One should also be required to have the acceptance of the saint and the tolerance of the scholar for one to have a clear and pure understanding of things around. But nothing of all those mentioned above is enough if you lack a simple thing….. that is the fortitude of the certain. In loving you need to be sure, precise and certain. For once you know it’s real then IT IS REAL.

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