Wednesday, August 18, 2010


by Bluecloud

Alpha signals the beginning
Born of life as we breathe air
Carving our lives in ways we never imagined
Dreaming of things we wish to reach
Expecting only for the best
Freely living our lives
Grabbing each and every opportunity
Harnessing all that was given
Imagining nothing but wonders
Joyously celebrating every gift
Knowing things and remembering
Learning the dire realities of this world
Mastering things on which we excel
Not just doing but experiencing
One is the target to be
Position being keenly eyed
Quietly moves on each step
Realizing each dream and goal in life
Slowly yet surely moving forward
To the pinnacle of success we aim
Up and above we soar much higher
Vaults even more to reach further
Winning battles here and there
X’s are not to be found but all checks
Yes, at last… Success!!
Zenith is finally reached

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