Sunday, August 1, 2010


Here's the 2nd partial list of the topics you'll see on my posts.

11. Memoirs of Thy Eccentric Brain Cells
- this would serve as a repository of the poems I have written and have treasured
12. No Place Like
- articles about home and living including interior designs and best buys on properties, appliances and house furnitures
13. Overdrive
- your guide to motoring and the best cars out there, includes review and features on cars, sedans, SUVs, AUVs and others
14. Comics Zone
- contains stuff with regards comics, anime and other events related to comics
15. Friend Posts
- area from which posts from friends will be featured
16. Seeing Through The Lens
- articles with regards photography and anything that deals with pictures and camera will be showcased on this area
17. Shape Up
- your fitness and gym zone
18. Si Mang Juan
- features the complex Philippine politics with all its drama, includes news on governance and other country matters plus all the current events in the Philippines
19. Campus Buzz
- the zone for everything about the top schools and universities across the metro
20. Tekkie Republic
- if you're looking for the best and up-to-date gadgets, then this is the zone for you

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