Monday, August 23, 2010


Accountancy is one of the more difficult courses to take (I attest to that). Aside from having crunch time with numbers and vocabs, you don't stop with just the college years. After the collegiate years, one will be treated to almost half a year of review of all subjects taken during college and then dive into the dead pool (2 weekends of CPA Board Exam). Mortality rate is often rather low with passers ranging from 15 to 30% of total examinees.

Before one try out getting BS Accountancy as a collegiate course, it is wise to note the top schools one might consider. Here are my top 5 schools with the best Accounting programs. Other notables which did not land in my top 5 are USC-Cebu, San Beda College and FEU.

1. University of the Philippines - Diliman
- UP Diliman has consistently topped its category on any given Board Exams. Passing rate for the Board Exams is anything above 90%. Also, UP boasts of a 5-year program in college in compared to conventional 4-year programs in other campuses. That would seem to be a review already on their side.

2. University of Sto. Tomas
- Thomasians usually don't top the Board Exams but their numbers show of the quantity and quality of their Accounting graduates. They are regular fixtures in the Top 3 of any category any given Board Exam period. And who could not forget to mention that the best known Audit firm in the metro, SGV has Sycip and Velayo, both of which are Thomasians.

3. De La Salle University - Manila
- Never to be outdone is DLSU-Manila. We've seen several names from DLSU topping the Board Exams but unlike UP their passing percentage is a bit lower. Usually on the range of 60-85%. Still consistent showing year in, year out. And still, a lot of companies like Accounting grads coming from DLSU.

4. Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Sta. Mesa
- Quantity is what PUP usually banners in terms of CPA Board Passers. From almost all years, they produce the most number of board passers. Their passing rate may be a bit lower in comparison to others but the quantity of their passers show that their college program is really working and most of the students have good chance of passing.

5. University of San Carlos - Cebu
- Outside the metro, one Cebu-based school was able land on my list is USC-Cebu. Usually placed in Category A (100+ examinees), USC has consistently landed in the Top 3 of that category with passing percentage ranging from 40-75%.

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