Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The first battle we'll take a look on is the battle for soda supremacy.
It has been years since Coca-Cola (Coke) and Pepsi-Cola (Pepsi)has been battling for the top honors in terms of beverages. Both companies have a line of different sodas and the two main competitors focus on the cola category. Thus come the battle between Coke and Pepsi. As I see it, I have listed some of the notable items for each product. Again, this is based on my perspective and how I see things. May not be totally correct.

TASTE - Both have almost identical carbonation but Pepsi seems a bit sweeter in terms of taste. With that, I prefer Coke.

PRICE - By a matter of 1-3 PHP depending on size, Pepsi is cheaper. For people with exact money to spare, Pepsi goes home with the point.

CONTROVERSIES - By a long mile, Coke has somehow kept it safe with issues. Pepsi has numerous flaws in its promos like the infamous 349 bottle cap "Number Fever" in the Philippines way back 1992. Coke for the point.

CELEBRITIES - Coke stays to it simple family themed ads while Pepsi usually dives into the rather lavish use of celebrities - Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Beyonce to name a few. Pepsi by a long mile.

TIE-UPS - Pepsi also lands the bigger tie-ups in movies and sporting scene. Most notably, the last FIFA World Cup in South Africa have the bottlers as sponsor. Specially designed Pepsi cans also featured some of the brighter stars in soccer. Point - Pepsi

With all things weighed plus my personal taste, I declare Pepsi the winner of this battle. 3-2

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