Monday, August 23, 2010


Just this year, comic fans were presented with the new look of Wonder Woman. The public were divided as to liking it or not. My reaction, nah!! What were they thinking?

Wonder Woman has been a solid icon in the land of superheroes. When asked of a female superhero, it's almost automatic that the name of Wonder Woman be mentioned if not the first one said. That Wonder Woman is the sexy amazon girl with her dazzling costume (well, more of a swimwear). But that what makes her a comic book icon. If you could see, not only girls are fans of Wonder Woman. She has a solid male fanbase maybe because she is that attractive and the idea of idolizing someone that hot is nothing but normal with guys.

But the new one, ??? Whoever told that Wonder Woman needs to have a fashion makeover totally blew this one out of proportions. Dark leggings, heeled boots and something like a red tube covered by an obscure studded denim jacket of all sorts was way boring. From sizzling, Wonder Woman fizzled.  She was a total disaster- a fashion wreck. We want the old lady back. She's way much better.

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