Friday, August 27, 2010


Never mind if a lot of people are fighting over her "major, major" answer in the pageant's top 5 interview portion. One thing's for sure, Venus has etched her mark as one of the notable beauty queens of Philippines and that was shown by her 4th runner-up finish at the most recent Miss Universe 2010.

I actually thought Venus has a chance. Other then Australia and Philippines, I did not particularly like the Top 5. I thought Thailand, USA and Guatemala have their chances. Guess the judges saw something I did not see. But as far as appeal and confidence is concerned, Venus really blew the competition. Her statusque figure was one of the best I have shown in the entire evening. Her confidence in the way she handled herself on the ramp was way magnificent. I also liked the pre-pageant hype she made. She commanded attention and everyone took notice. She got the highest marks in the internet ratings. And she even made a bold stand of refusing to go topless for a photoshoot. That's what you call guts. Like many of us expecting, I pretty much think she should have done better but at any cause Venus is still a winner and will always be.

Great timing for a country that's certainly looking for more good news. Congratulations, Venus!
(image from Miss Universe website)

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